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For most buyers today, the price of a home in London is simply unaffordable. House prices have increased faster and higher than earnings whilst supply has been outstripped by demand. All Treehaus homes are priced below the market rate – with no quality compromise.

firsthome affordable
firsthome quality


Attractive and spacious, well designed and built homes, with good spatial planning, quality materials and finishes and attention to detail, best in class.


We build homes where people want to live, focusing on convenient locations with amenities and easily accessible by public transport, throughout London and the surrounding counties.

firsthome innovative


Off-site precision manufacturing delivers superior quality and 50% faster construction. Quiet, clean, dust and toxin free construction reduces environmental and cost impact, planning risk, results in fewer neighbourhood objections.

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Excellent insulation and ventilation achieve high thermal performance and low running cost (heating bills are less than £2 a year in one bed apartments).


Studies have shown that timber buildings provide healthier environments in which to live and that residents are happier and calmer in these buildings, where the homes are well ventilated and have fresher and healthier air quality. They are fireproof, toxin free and safe.

firsthome carbon


Treehaus homes are built using Cross Laminated Timber. Tree growth allows atmospheric carbon to be absorbed into the wood and oxygen to be realised through photosynthesis, carbon is locked up in the timber – so that CLT is actually carbon negative. Other building materials commonly used in property construction, such as concrete or steel, cause high energy consumption in material production and are very carbon-intensive. With Treehaus the environmental impact is reduced significantly when compared to traditional builds.


100% sustainably sourced timber, from certified forests which provide annual ‘new growth’ that would enable over 2 million one-bedroom flats to be built – each year! The material we use to build homes is Timber is a renewable material source, one of the world’s oldest building materials one of the most environmentally sustainable ways of construction in the world today.

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circular economy


First Home embodies the innovative thinking needed to make the Circular Economy a reality – redefining products and services, designing waste out and looking beyond the linear “take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model.

The Circular Economy offers sustainable economic growth, substantial net material cost savings, the creation of employment opportunities, and increased innovation – for today and for our future.


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